May – Sept – Oct 2017 –

Ring Djursland, Jyllandsringen and Padborg park Yountimer events for 2017. This year we finished 17th in group 1 out of 31 compeditors and 2nd in Aarhus Automobil Sport Klubmasterskab. Always fun but never enough track time.





March 2017 –

Så kommer loggeren fra NJ Motorsport

Solen skinner 😉

Today the sun was out a bit more than normal and you begin to get that racing feeling, hoping winter is soon behind us.

Rush Motorsports will again compete in YTCC for 2017. If you would like to see a great mix of race cars and close racing, Check out the season calendar on our homepage, We will be ready!
Over the winter we have changed the front bumper, eliminating less frontal weight by 9 kg and hopefully better aeros. Last step will be the final paint from Autolak-Online, which will replace the orange nose look with a all white race car…

Since 2013, we have have displayed Autolak-Online on our Mazda and will continue to do so for 2017. So as always, we thank them.

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August 2016 –

Update from ost at FDM Jyllandsringen. We were able to get 6 outings on a beautiful and sunny day in Danmark. Tak til Peter Mogensen for alle de super fotos og hjælp.

Marts 2016 –

Rush Motorsports will not be competing in 2016. Instead we will help a friend in the Super Cup series, run a few track days and prepare for 2017. We want to thank those who have followed and supported us. We hope you will continue to visit Rush Motorsports for updates.

Januar 2016 –

EWP adapter plate is coming along. Back side matches the stock water ports, while the front in/out ports are both 35mm. Still have plenty more to do before its finished, but now I can start plumping the pipes to the water pump and cooler.