August 2016 –

Update from our test at FDM Jyllandsringen. We were able to get 6 outings on a beautiful and sunny day in Danmark. Tak til Peter Mogensen for alle de super fotos og hjælp.


5d1a7785-2 5d1a7884 5d1a7759-2


March 2016 –

Rush Motorsports will not be competing in 2016. Instead we will help a friend in the Super Cup series, run a few track days and prepare for 2017. We want to thank those who have followed and supported us. We hope you will continue to visit Rush Motorsports for updates.

January 2016 –

2016-01-10 00.22.52

2016-01-10 00.24.02

EWP adapter plate is coming along. Back side matches the stock water ports, while the front in/out ports are both 35mm. Still have plenty more to do before its finished, but now I can start plumping the pipes to the water pump and cooler.



December 2015 –

Early Christmas present from Mazda. FD3S Gearbox rebuild kit.

FD3S gearbox

November 2015 –

Best part of winter…winter projects!
Electric water pump from



October 2015 –


Our final race of the year has come to an end at Padborg Park. Being it our first time as a team at Padborg, it was a definite challenge. Our best result was a 6th place in Heat 3 and during Heat 1 and 2 we finished 9th. This was great event.. loved the track, great atmosphere with the spectators and fellow drivers in YTCC, we can’t wait to try it again. As always, a BIG thanks to our Sponsors and all the guys on the team this year…. Thanks guys!
Anders Buhl Christensen, Johannes Christensen, Peter Mogensen, Patrick Kitzberg, Søren Brems

CT Pack


Final setup before we head to Padborg Park 10-11 October



September 2015 –

A lot happening this month. Mazda is up and running. Fixed the turbo exhaust manifold leak, working gearbox again, upgraded diff, new steering rack, front wheel hubs, silenced midpipe, titanium catback and oil temp gauge. Motor, gearbox and diff have been run in on the dyno and we think our RX7 is ready for the fight in October at Padborg Park. Titanium exhaust tip has been dropped ..Big thanks to Brian @ Ravn Industri

12063490_1090165560996045_4933208934413866092_n   20151001_202406   titan backbox   20150926_093705

August 2015 –

Dodged a bullet… well more a time saver. Came real close to Frankenstein’n my spare twins after I discovered that both turbo flanges have started to warped. Spent some time with the flange and I think it’s gonna work

Frankenstein turbo

Also a little thank you to a old friend who paid a visit

scotch 107

Finished converting the best parts from 3 power steering racks into 2 complete manual racks. Nice to have a spare when needed at the track.


Oil temp sensor and gauge installed

RM2 080815   RM1 080815

New front hubs have arrived..been in need of these for a while


Worked on the lower intake manifold today. Wanted to be sure the lower gasket was 100% sound and everything under the upper manifold was in good shape

11825115_1059260970752610_5855916522454077800_n  11703100_1059261000752607_854209425590490209_n

Been struggling with the main bearing removal and a bad roller bearing. Main bearing is completely ceased to the main gear shaft. Bearing it’s self would separate only half way from the gear box housing but since its locked to the shaft, you can’t get it free without the inner gears jamming into each other, not good. I found a way to get it off with the bearing and not damage any parts, so I’m really happy it worked out… moving forward.

11800491_1057884624223578_7287398170540449832_n  11249091_1057884664223574_1000801024734275473_n

July 2015 –

Summer holiday is coming to a end, so we are getting excited to start working on the race car once again. Gearbox has been opened up. Special tools will be ready soon so we can complete the rebuild.


May 2015 –

First race for Rush Motorsports started at Jyllandsringen this past weekend. After first training we finished P9 out of 36 cars. First heat was a great 5 car battle for 5 position. unfortunately a yellow flag penalty, moving us down to 17th with the 8th fasted lap time. Heat 2 was again a super battle for 5th where we finished 7th overall. Before heat 3 started we had to deal with a turbo exhaust gasket leak (second time in two races) and gearbox troubles. Heat 3 we raced hard for 5th position again but during lap 5 our Mazda had contact with a competitors BMW leaving us with damaged front wheel, steering rack and minor body damage so we retired early. Car is improving each time out, we are now a top 5 car which just needs a little luck.

RM8515 1  RM8515 3

RM8515 8   cropped-IMGL7363.jpg

RM8515 5   RM8515 6   RM8515 9

RM8515 4   RM8515 7

April 2015 –

Final dyno run is complete. Thanks goes to Johannes Christensen, Patrick Kitzberg and Søren @ Ketner a/s for making it a great day

dyno 2015

Just wanted to thank again, Peter Mogensen and Johannes Christensen for all their help with our new upper and lower arm bushings. Peter put in a lot of his private time to make these work..also with grease fittings and they came out GREAT!

upper bushings 1   upper bushings 2

lower bushings 1   lower bushings 2

March 2015 –

All three are now finished…just need to replace one screw

RushM TB mod 2   RushM TB mod 3

FD throttle bodies

RushM TB mod1

Rear frame has been welded, sandblasted and first coat of paint. Can’t wait to have this back on so I can finish her up. Thanks to Johannes Christensen and his dad.. Peter Morgensen for all the behind the scenes help

RM0903151  RM0903152  RM0903153

February 2015 –

It’s all coming together

RM202152   RM202153


RM202155   RM20215   RM202156

Follow up from late January, Motor is out, found a cracked (both sides) Turbo/exhaust manifold gasket.The twins it’s self are looking good but will tear it down to be sure there are no internal cracks.

RM2 822015    RM822015

January 2015 –

A nice feature from Stance USA back in 2012, showing our old car. 2015, we continue to use the Stance ProComp3s on our latest RX7


Today, Michael Hesselholt brought his smoke machine and we found some leaks. Definitely have a cracked exhaust manifold or a damaged lower intake manifold gasket. Pretty confident this was my problem on the dyno back in December, time will tell. Car status: almost stripped down to the chassis, all suspension removed for new bushings with Peterspeed and now the motor comes out to fix the leak. Will try to get some more photos up next time

RM 1501


Bemærk: Dette er en foreløbig kalender fra DASU

Note: This is a provisional calendar of the DASU

18. – 19. April – Padborg Park

02. – 03. Maj – FDM Jyllandsringen

22. – 24. Maj – Classic Race Aarhus

06. – 07. Juni – Sturup Raceway

27. – 28. Juni – Padborg Park

05. – 06. September – Ring Djursland

03. – 04. Oktober – Ring Knutstorp

10. – 11. Oktober – Padborg Park


Spent some time last week cleaning up my spare Diff. Unfortunately the Spur gear had a broken tooth, so that LSD will be fix.
Tomorrow will be spent removing the rear end, suspension, diff, Etc… off the race car for maintenance and some upgrades.

Diff1   diff2   Diff3

December 2014 –

Day started out pretty cold and icey. Johannas and I headed down to JH rullefelt in Vejle. Jacob hooked her up for a first pull. Goal of the day was to be around our previous dyno test with Jocab back in Sept, which was 294 Hp. Only change to the car was a lightened flywheel, disc puck, and rear exhaust that has been silenced. Result…. ignition/boost cut??? So I checked the ignition (every looks ok) and made many boost & duty changes…up sized the pill in the wastegate…same result.. again and again…boost cut! Jocab had to leave for a while and we continued to make changes. This time, out of frustration I upped the boost to .80 pri and .70 secondary (which are the lower settings that come with my apexi PFC). Result..full boost again and no cutting out. Jacob returned and the first run we got 351 Hp. So there’s definitely not a ignition or boost problem with those setting, but once I lower boost setting again, the boost cut returns. So I called it quits for the day.
For those who are wondering why I’m not happy with 351 Hp @ .70 bar. The class I race in Youngtimers, You need to times the horsepower by 4.4 which would mean I need to add 250 Kilo to the car. So, after talking with the team. We will move forward and make all the other upgrades to the car over the winter and before the new race season go back and get the horse power down again.

ET3-72   ET3-73ET3-74   ET3-75ET3-77

This Sunday, our last testing for the year



I have been asked a few times, how did we come up with the name Rush Motorsports and was it inspired from the movie “Rush”. The name is in remembrance to my father Rush Clarke III. Here is a very old photo of him with his Indian motor bike. I think he would of liked the Rotary motors too.

Rush Clarke

November 2014 –

After our re-test, results with a stronger battery, compression numbers are looking better. Still not as high as I would like but the motor is not weak at all.

RM front rotor nov27   RM rear rotor nov 27

mazda tester

Motor is running again. Michael brought his Mazda compression tester and we got some results on a weak battery. Both rotors are with in spec (Front @ 231 rpm & Rear @ 244 rpm below)

front rotor   rear rotor

The first video shows a rear exhaust (Nov 2014) I’m experimenting with to keep under 100 dB, to meet Youngtimers cup rules. The second video from 2008 is the same rear exhaust which had burned out internally. It has now been repacked and you can definitly hear the difference. I plan to dyno the engine once again, so I can compare this exhaust to others I have used in the past.

Exhaust repacked Nov 2014


Same exhaust in 2008 burned out internally  –  MOV02360


October 2014 –


We would like to thank everyone who has helped us this years.. Our partners, our team and friends.

September 2014 – Short video from Race 3 on board BMW M3 –

August 2014 – We leave Grand Prix Jyllands.Ringen with respectable results with our new chassis. Thanks to our team, everyone behind the scenes and our sponsors who helped us get here.






July 2014 – Last parts are painted

ET3-48   ET3-49 ET3-50   ET3-51

Refilled our Stance 3 way Coilovers with PeterSpeed

Stance 3 way 2   Stance 3 way

June 2014 – First start up in the new car


Video (click here)   First start up

May 2014 – It’s starting to come together… Motor, Gearbox and rear end are in

ET3-44   ET3-45


April 2014 –




March 2014 –

Progress on the rear over fenders


The under body, engine bay and cabin are finished with the final coat of white. Came out pretty nice until I made a bad decision to give some missed areas a touch-up. The over spray really changed the nice first coat .. live and learn! So I’ll decided just to move forward, it a race car.  Now I need to make some extra rear over fenders…

ET3-37    ET3-38 ET3-39

A BIG thanks to HC Farver A/S for helping us out again. HC Farver A/S is located in Randers but you can also use there online shop.

February 2014 –

ET3-31    ET3-33 ET3-32    ET3-34

She’s now welded and seamed…



Welding the cage has started. Big thanks to Jim @ Jim’s Biler & Dækservice  – Tlf. 25302073

ET3-27    ET3-28

She’s good to go and pointed in the right direction again


January 2014 – Happy New Years from Rush Motorsports


26/12/13 – Starting the engine bay bracing




20/12/13 – First fitment of the roll cage

ET3-10   ET3-11

19/10/13 – Original parts have been removed. Next, seam welding and roll cage

ET3-7   ET3-9

13/10/13 – Our new Rx7 has arrived. After a long waiting period, we can now move forward for 2014


26/06/13 – Rush Motorsports wishes to express our profound sadness regarding the death of Allan Simonsen during the 90th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Allan Simonsen 2   Allan Simonsen

08/06/13 – Small update: The engine has been removed today, along with most of the car components. Next, some final prep work and a confirmed date before it goes to the bench.

RushM 08062013

02/06/13 – Work continues to see if we can have the car ready for Ring Djursland in September. Car will be completely stripped and put on the bench to be straighten, due to the heavy damage after the Classic race in Aarhus. Never give up!

19/05/13 – 26,000 spectators and we were ready for Heat 2. We started 5th on the grid and got a good start at the light today, then fell back going into the first corner but quickly moved up again to 5th position. A few laps later, the 4th place car spun in a blind right hand corner. Although avoiding a collision, we did make contact with the wall with the left rear tire but moved up to 4th place overall. During the next lap, the car behavior changed and a lap later, entering the chicane I had a big crash. The race was over for us. Very disappointing. photos from  Lars Krall.. many thanks!

Lars Krall 1Lars Krall 2

Lars Krall 3

Lars Krall

Lars Krall 5

In car video from the #199 BMW!

The early save and the later aftermath. photographers unknown

unknown2    unknown 3

unknown 4

Helge Poulsenphoto from Helge Pouslen

18/05/13 – First heat started late Saturday. We had a bad start… my fault. I couldn’t see the starting lights. We did survive the first corner incident involving three cars. For the restart, we were moved back two positions because the officials use lap times and not race position, this was disappointing because we had moved up the ladder. Again for the restart, I was unable to see the starting lights. During the remainder of the race, we had a comfortable pace in 5th position until the last lap, where we gained a spot up to 4th overall. Photos from Denner photo and unknown

dennerphoto 1    unknown
18/05/13 – Saturday time training went well. We were 3.5 seconds faster today with a best lap of 1:26,576. Unfortunately we fell one position from our earlier warm up spot, to 7th for heat 1.
Photos from: and Søren Pharsen
17/05/13 –  This is the first year Youngtimers has been invited to the Classic Race Aarhus. After our first warm up, we clocked in at a 1:30,042 which placed us 6th out of 28 race cars. Love the track but you need to respect the cement walls.

RM aarhus 4    Søren1

17/05/13 – We have arrived

IMAG0591   IMAG0590

Søren2   Søren3

16/05/13 – 24 hours before we head out to Aarhus

IMAG0581   IMAG0585

04/05/13 – Our racer is back. We want to give a BIG THANKS to Per and Frank Jensen at PJ AUTO, located in Randers Denmark. With no hesitation, they excepted to help us with the respray. They have been fantastic putting in many long hours and making schedule adjustment along the way. PJ AUTO is also a full auto service shop. Tlf: 86467823

03/05/13 – We officially have a new color.


13/04/13 – Small update. Our racer has been primed and now we are finishing the final sanding before paint.

RushM bodywork2.

13/04/13 – Rush Motorsports welcomes Autolak-Online, a division of Sadolin Farveland – HC Farver A/S. Autolak-Online offers a wide range of professional products for painting cars at low online prices. Autolak-Online products are of the highest quality and are used by professionals throughout the industry, offering custom spray for your car from RAL, NCS and similar color codes.

08/04/13 – With only 5 weeks before our first race. We have made a late decision and decided to go with a new look. Work in progress!

RushM bodywork1    RushM bodywork2

24/03/13 – For 2013, Rush motorsports will once again work together with A.K. Iversen A/S as a primary sponsor. A.K. Iversen A/S has been a successful family business for the past 69 years, specializing in Plastic Injection Molding & Tooling. For more information:

a.k. iversen

01/01/13 –  Latest news for the teams of Yountimers. We have been invited to race at the Classic Race Aarhus event. This is very exiting for us and our partners. For more in formation:

03/09/12 – Our Second race at Jyllands-Ringen. I would have to sum it up as positive but not what we had hoped for.
During Saturday’s first training, we quickly ran into a problem. We were unable to run wide open due to a unexpected boost cut, in the higher rpm’s. A bit of a disappointment, we qualified 13th out of 36 cars. Adjustment for the first race made the boost cut worse but surprisingly, we were able to finish the race with a 9th place position. Late Saturday night, we made the final decision and changes to the car, that we hoped would eliminate the boost cut for the second training. Sunday was a rebirth for us. Our changes were working and we qualified 3rd.. we were back in business!
Race day on Sunday, our Mazda got a great start and moved up to 2nd. This was short lived and we fell back to 3rd. We stayed there for a while until the car behind us, gave me a ever so lightly tap in the rear… we slid back again to 4th and that’s were we finished. The weekend was over for us..we were very pleased to have solved the problem and go home with some decent points. BUT…That was until we and two other teams battling for 4th, were called up and later given a 20 second penalty for yellow flag infraction. Our final position was dropped to 9th. Clip of the yellow zone infraction.


start heat 2

RM JR 2012 5

30/5/12 – Press release ( in Danish. We say thanks for a good weekend at Ring Djursland, which ended with a podium position. Read it here.

21/05/12 – Our first race for 2012 is over. It was a fantastic weekend with good weather and high results. Early morning test, we were able to bed in our new front and rear pads provided by Carbotech and get a feel for the new Stance coilovers. First qualifying the track was wet and we decided to run rain tires which was a mistake as the track dried quickly midway. First laps we were in the top 4 but soon dropped to 8th, to those who chose slicks. Second qualifying, on a dry track, we climbed to the top quickly setting pole position, two seconds quicker than last year even though we have + 85 kilo’s. The new brake and suspension really worked well together. First heat, starting 8th out of 28 cars. We were hit hard in the first turn by another car avoiding an incident. Now unable to run with the front pack, we were able to move up the ladder and finish a respectable 4th place over all. Second heat, starting from pole position. coming in to the first corner we were bumped from behind but this time we held position until the third corner were we slipped to second position. On the final lap we had secured second place, just one second behind the leader. A fantastic weekend which we thank to our loyal sponsors and team.

our car

we got a trophy

The Ring 2nd place

04/05/12 – After waiting 6 months, our 3 way Stance coilovers have arrived. Big thanks to our associate sponsor   We now have two weeks to prepare the car for our first race in 2012.


01/04/12 – A short update. Unfortunately, Rush Motorsports will not be attending the F&F show this year.
This is due to delays from Japan. Important parts that have not arrived in time to show our car. We are very disappointed for our sponsors but this is beyond our control. We will continue to focus on our first race in May. Stay tuned

04/02/2012 – Rush Motorsports will attend the Fast and Furious Car show in Fredericia from the 4th to the 6th of May, 2012. We are located in Hall C. For more information go to

23/01/2012 –  We are happy to announce that Carbotech-Europe is now an associate sponsor. For your high performance brake solutions, please contact Ian at


20/01/2012 –  Thank you for visiting. As you can see, our new website is under construction. Winter has arrived and we are working hard preparing our Mazda RX-7. Over the coming weeks, Rush Motorsports will continue to make more changes and updates…please visit us again.

16/01/2012 – We have officially started our new website! We hope you will continue to visit Rush Motorsports and follow us to the upcoming 2012 race season.